Gourmet restaurant in the Somme bay

The menus of the restaurant in Picardy

Situated in Vron and easily accessible from the A16, the Clos du Moulin is a gourmet restaurant rewarded by 3 Logis casseroles. Simon Gorrier, the new chef of this establishment forged his experience on the rock of Monaco. With an experience with the most famous personalities of the principality, he has imagined a traditional grourmet menu which the delicate perfumesof the sea air and which gives a good place to  Picard local cooking. All our dishes are home-made and made as much as possible with local products. Fish from our coasts, Picardy cheese, roasted meat, home-made desserts

Gourmet formulas near to Le Touquet and Le Crotoy

To satisfy all  appetites around a delicious meal, such could be the slogan of the restaurant of the Clos du Moulin. Our menu comes under the shape of gourmet formulas to be chosen according to your wishes:

  • The table of the Mill : starter+main course or main course + dessert
  • The table of the Countess : starter, main course, dessert
  • The Manor Table : starter, main course, chesse, salad, dessert
  • The Day Dream Table : aperitif, starter, main course, cheese, salad, dessert
  • Historical restaurant near to saint-Valéry-sur-Somme

    Have dinner in the authentic atmosphere of a XVIIth century building. On the stone walls are hung signed tapestries of Aubusson, landscapes and bucolic scenes to catch your eye while waiting for your dishes which will not miss awakening your tastebuds.

    Our restaurant has 2 dining rooms of 32 seats each.

Logis Hotel The Clos du Moulin Logis Hotel The Clos du Moulin

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