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Imagine a romantic weekend in a charming 3 star hotel with dinner with the one you love in a chateau-style restaurant, with stone walls decorated with medieval tapistries around a gourmet table. Your here, it's the Clos du Moulin. This 3 chimney and 3 casserole classified Logis hotel proposes crafty trips with dinner, night and breakfast in an atmosphere filled with history just next to the magnificent natural Reserve of the Marquenterre Park.

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Gourmet weekend for 2 persons - 199e/2 pers/day
Gourmet weekend for 2 persons - 199e/2 pers/day 199€ /2pers par jour
Take advantage of a relaxing stay in the Somme bay to resource yourself...
Business stopover
Business stopover 85€
During your professional trips, the Clos du Moulin proposes a business...
Crafty trip
Crafty trip 159euros /2pers par jour
When the Clos talks about a crafty trip, it's half-board with no imposed...
Groups and familial events
Groups and familial events À partir de 37€/personne
Le Clos du Moulin is pleased to invite you in its dining room 'La Grange...


FORMULESPRIX Haute SaisonPRIX Basse SaisonDemi pension Haute saisonDemi pension Basse saison
Chambre 1 personne109 € pdj offert90 € pdj offert120 € pdj offert109€ pdj offert
Chambre 2 personnes139 € pdj offert120 € pdj offert179 € pdj offert159 € pdj offert
Chambre 4 personnes223 €204€--
Chambre double handicapée139 € pdj offert120 € pdj offert--
Personne supplémentaire42 €42 €
Petit déjeuner en chambre----
Animal domestique (sacs propreté fournis)10 €10 €
Lit bébéOffertOffertOffertOffert
Mini barOffertOffertOffertOffert


Haute Saison: du 01/04 au 30/09. Basse Saison: du 01/10 au 31/03.

Logis Hotel The Clos du Moulin Logis Hotel The Clos du Moulin

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